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Here at Neptune SUPs HQ we set ourselves a task to develop a range of hard Paddleboards (SUPs) to cover all SUPing needs regardless of; ability, age, size or paddle discipline. Our Mach #1 range was launched in the summer of 2013 and was a great success. From there we developed/tweaked our kit and launched our Mach #2 range. Offering; SurfSUPs, Allrounder SUPs, YOGA SUPs, WindSUPs, Cruisers and our Multi race winning Full Carbon Race SUPs we believe we crushed our original mission. In 2020 we introduced the latest addition to our quiver; the Trident range, for those that want to take their SUPing to the next level. Currently we are only offering a SurfSUP in the Trident range but we will be offering more boards as time goes. We are constantly working on new ideas and welcome your feedback or any ideas you may have on what should be out there on the water. Sometimes we can offer bespoke sizes or other tweaks to kit, so if there's something specific your looking for....just ask!. Our stock levels really vary so its always worth while asking us before ordering. We can and do deliver worldwide so; unless its being delivered to UK mainland (not including north Scotland or any Islands) please ask for a quote.



All our Mach #2 boards are made the same way. It starts with a 24kg block of high quality EPS foam core (basically fancy condensed polystyrene). From this our CNC tooling machine cuts out the rough shape of the board. Then its hand finishing all the way, finishing off the shaping & sanding. Once that's done we add our signature Bamboo veneer and finally wrapping the board top & bottom with 3 layers of quality glass (most other brands only use 1 or 2) our boards not only look beautiful they are strong and made for our rugged coastlines and waterways.

We use wedge tail (great for back-foot purchase) diamond cut deck pads to give optimum traction. All our Mach #2 board come with; 2 leash points, nose camera mount, automatic air vent (to allow the board to breath) and an ergonomic handle so you can keep hold of your board.

Unlike some brands out there we believe; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" we learnt a lot from our Mach #1 series and will only make more changes when needed. Rather than making the smallest tweak add a new paint job and call it the "latest model" and whack a 25% price increase on and do that every year....crazy! Our Mach #2 range offers the majority of SUPers what they need to enjoy the water for many many years (Damo is still using the first demo board we ever had made as his "go to" SUP and that's 9 years old). So, currently our Mach #2 range consists of.....


The Idea behind the TRIDENT series came from the success of our Race Board. Having a full Carbon sandwich construction gives a board a lot of strength enabling us to reduce to two layers of quality glass so very light but strong (two big factors in racing). We then decided the next board to get the TRIDENT love would be our SurfSUP, another board that needs to be light yet strong. We will be developing more of our Mach#2 range as time goes, so watch this space...

"My experience from start to finish could not have been anymore wonderful. Damian gave great advice and guidance. He communicated on a regular basis as to the update of the board arrival, i even tracked the ship! he delivered the board and its magnificent. My paddling has improved dramatically in 5 outings. Everyone admires the board. Perfect purchase" G** L***

"After researching SUP shapes and testing boards i decided to get Damian's WindSUP as it had what i hoped would work well for me in the Surf. I can honestly say that after two sessions this board has exceeded my expectations. It's very maneuverable, glides well and takes steep drops. Really looking forward to riding it in bigger waves and growing into this great bit of kit. It has matched the more expensive boards i've tried on the market, well done Damian" G***** P***

"Picked up a Neptune TRIDENT 8'6" the other day! Took the board out yesterday! it rips! so quick on the turn! First wave it took off, ripped around the bottom turn and carved up the face, flew along the top and then cut back beautifully in the close out! Sweet! The boards feels alive under my feet and it floats along the ave with stability and maneuverability! The shape is spot on and surfs like an Egg shape surfboard. Its the best SUP Surf i've used by far! Magic Board!" A*** K***