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Meet the Family
Here at Neptune family means everything, when anyone buys anything from us they automatically join and that gives them access to an extended family full of help and support. We believe when you buy something its important to know who you are buying from, so here goes......

Damo started his journey on 4 wheels skating in the 80's from there it was Surfing, Snowboarding then Windsurfing (never much good at any of them!)
Fav Food= Vietnamese


Gazz has been part of the family almost from the start. Still a keen Windsurf & Kiter, Gazz gets on the water whenever he can.
Fav Film= Midnight Express

Emily joined the family in 2019 and is currently in 1st place in the GBSUP 12'6" series on her Neptune board. Emily is also awesome on the waves and by living in (and representing) Wales, she is in the perfect place.
Fav Song= I Say a little prayer

Heidi has been in the family for a few years now and is always first on last off the water. She's an amazing windsurfer (ex instructor at club Vass) Heidi is just a water baby!
Fav Pie= Steak & Ale

Dave has been on the GB Race scene for many years and finished #2 in 2021 in the 12'6" series. Dave is a great ambassador for SUP and can be found at most races with a smile and is always happy to chat.

Fav Colour= Blue

From getting gold (Rowing) at the Olympics, Will got got in touch with us and although he's normally sat in the water, he is nooo slouch on a SUP. Will knows how to get through water..fast.
Fav Animal= Dogs

'Water is the driving force of all Nature'- Leonardo da Vinci