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'For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) its always our self we find in the sea' - E.E. Cummings


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Adjustable carbon Paddle 3K Carbon adjustable Paddle

Our adjustable Carbon Paddles are a thing of beauty. Made from full 3K Carbon with a PU core with a Bamboo veneer blade and new blade edge protection construction it combines strength and light weight, the 2 most important factors in a paddle.

Lots of people set up the length of their paddles incorrectly. So here at Neptune HQ we have come up with a simple solution, look at your paddle…….read your height by the holes, set the paddle to that and hey presto, one paddle set to your height.

Always trying to make things easier for you……but you have to do the paddling yourselves!

Our Price: £149.00
Adjustable carbon Paddle 3K Carbon One Piece Paddle

Our one piece 3k (three thousand wefts & weaves per square inch) Carbon Paddle is for those that don't need to share and want something a bit special.

A really powerful paddle with lovely blade shape and rake. Flexes when needed and perfect for all round use but on the next
level. Supplied with a heat shrink band and nice ergonomic handle that really enables you to connect with the paddle, it just works.

Discrete, light, strong, powerful and will be just for you (or your twin, if you have one). Also, it looks awesome, which is not a bad thing!!

Our Price: £199.00